Learn how to move well with better pilates technique.

Gain a deeper understanding of your body and its biomechanics. This thursday we invite you to join our event class calld Co-Contraction concept with Natalia. It is a chance for you to discover your hips, your pelvis, your back, your torso and your shoulder girdle in a new way. The class is held in English.

Learn how to engage several muscles (agonist and antagonist) simultaneously! To move well, your body needs to be able to control some parts of itself, while it moves other parts. The understanding of the co-contraction concept will help you work more efficiently on stabilisation and strengthening of joints. You will improve your body awareness and learn more about movement patterns.

Date: October 15th

Time: 17:00-18:00

Trainer: Natalia Ersöz

Price: 350 sek

Booking: HERE! or at your Wondr Wall.


Photo: Vegafoto