WorkshopImprove your training and results by applying smarter choices in your practice med Matthew Griffiths

This workshop bridges the gap between theory and practice, participants will gain hands-on experience how to utilize and learn applying how a more holistic, intellectual driven approach will help increase your potential at any level, age or ability.  

Matthew will share with you a method that he uses daily with his clients to secure success. The M.R.P.L method, which stands for MOVEMENT, RECOVERY, PERFORMANCE, LONGIVITY.Here are the key points that Matthew will discuss during the workshop.

  • MOVEMENT QUALITY: Why movement quality is essential for optimal results in performance and wellness
  • RECOVERY: Why conscious recovery is fundamental for growth and development
  • PERFORMANCE: Why it is important to develop optimal physical functions, looking at elements from strength, motor control, coordination and skills for all.
  • LONGIVITY: Why it is important to consider physical longevity in practice, with regards to durability, injury mitigation, general physical care for athletic & health longevity

The workshop is presented in a small group setting, promoting interaction and discussion amongst participants, and allowing ample time for Q&A. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or simply want to gain some practical ideas to implement better training practices in own training, then this workshop will help you to “build a training program from the ground up, by applying a holistic approach”!


Matthew Griffiths is an education provider and physical coach within the fields of performance development, physical rehabilitation and wellness. He is an ambassador for CASALL sportswear, CASALL PRO commercial business solutions, POLAR heart rate monitors and PROCEDOS TRAINING SYSTEMS.

Griffiths has presented his ideas in over 25 countries at events such as Asia Fit, Ihrsa, Filex and has also been consulting with companies such as Redbull F1, IFK Göteborg, KIA motors, Shell, SAS, STENA corp and Sony Europe.

Working as a teacher trainer, Matthew has taught hundreds of industry professionals and consults for organizations such as Y.M.C.A, AFPT and The Academy PT school to name a few.

Current positions for Fall-winter 2019/20: Performance and Product Development at CASALL PRO & CASALL Training, Master Trainer for PROCEDOS Functional Training Systems and head physical coach at the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company, Sweden.

Matthew trains elite athletes to rehab to healthy living, making his experience diverse enough to match everyone needs.

He has been used as a reference in several books and publications such as ELLE, MensHealth, GQ, SHAPE magazine, Esquire Vogue, Womens health.

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Startar 2019-11-30, kl. 12:30
Slutar 2019-11-30, kl. 14:30
Instruktör Matthew Griffiths
Pris 650 kr