WorkshopFrom Burnout to Bliss -yogaworkshop och föreläsning

Möt Yohanna Mannelqvist i en nära och givande yogaworkshop där Yohanna delar sina upplevelser från ett hektiskt liv med utbrändhet och vägen tillbaka till ett mer holistiskt levnadssätt genom yoga och wellness. Workshopen bjuder på 60 minuters yoga och meditationsklass samt 60 minuter föreläsning med fokus på hur du kan bjuda in till mer harmoni i ditt vardagsliv. Under föreläsning bjuds även på en smoothie och rawfoodboll. Workshopen hålls på engelska. Utöver detta erhålls en fin Korkmatta från Casall (värde 999 kr)

From Burnout to blissOn a mission to guide ambitious & searching souls to a purposeful life in balance and true to their deepest authentic self.


Yoga Workshop (60 min)

We will start with a grounding mediation to calm down our nervous systems, dive deeper within and reach behind the layers of protections. We will practice a dynamic Vinyasa Flow style of Yoga, tailor-made to detox the system from stress, life challenges and thinking patterns that has been exhausting our systems. Hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy and spiritual teachings included. Variations will be given to suit different levels of practitioners.

Talk over healthy rawfood brunch (60 min)

I will be sharing my health journey, knowledge and how I went from Burnout to Bliss. The workshop will be focused on the underlying causes of burnout and how to create more balance in our everyday lives with a holistic approach.  During the talk you will be invited to a lovely rawfood brunch in cooperation with Olivia Hansson.

Facts about The Global Burnout Epidemic

Women and men are increasingly expressing burnout syndrome caused by mental and physical exhaustion. The big city lifestyle and high usage of technology have been proven to be contributing factors of disease. Stressful jobs, increasing demands, low self-esteem and sleep deprivation are common factors that can lead up to burnout. Early warning signs includes low energy levels, difficulties sleeping, hard concentrating, bad memory, mood swings, upset stomach and headache. Recovery can be long and difficult if treatment is delayed. Reducing stress and working on mindfulness decreases the risks while yoga, meditation and nutrition can help to prevent illness and recovery from burnout.

About Yohanna:

Meet Yohanna Mannelqvist who lived her life to the fullest – traveling, partying, working and doing sports. She was living life too quickly and chasing perfectionism in every way and became sleep deprived,  underweight, anxious and ultimately experienced burnout. Through yoga, meditation and holistic health practices she found her way back and helped her to recover and heal. Today Yohanna has dedicated her life and career to wellness , yoga and to share her story. She is a certified 200H Vinyasa Flow (Island Yoga) and 300H Jivamukti Teacher.



Startar 2018-10-07, kl. 11:30
Slutar 2018-10-07, kl. 14:00
Instruktör Yohanna Mannelqvist
Pris 795 kr


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