WorkshopCASALL Foam Roller FULLBOKAD!

Träna med Matthew Griffiths på denna dynamiska workshop med CASALL Foamroller. Du kommer att lära dig hur du använder stabiliseringsrullen på bästa sätt för att din kropp ska må bättre och fungera på bästa sätt när du tränar, idrottar och i livet i stort.

Matthew går igenom olika tekniker och övningar för att mnska risken för skador, förbättra hållning och återhämtning.

Alla deltagare får en CASALL Foam Roller ( värde 499 kr) och en CASALL Foam Roll guide.


Matthew Griffiths is an education provider and personal trainer within the fields of health and fitness. He is an ambassador for CASALL sportswear, POLAR heart rate monitors, PROCEDOS, BMC Bicycles, KIA motors, SENSA and VIVOBAREFOOT.
Griffiths has presented his ideas in over 25 countries at events such as Asia Fit, Ihrsa, Filex and has also been consulting with companies such as KIA motors, Shell, SAS and Sony.
He developed the 70 workouts in the CASALL T.O.D – Training of the Day which has now over 500,000 users. Griffiths also co-developed the CASALL HIT concept, and is featured in the CASALL H.I.T IPhone training app Matthew works as a Personal Trainer downtown Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as working as a teacher trainer and PROCEDOS Master trainer, This has allowed Matthew to teach industry professionals and consults for organizations such as Y.M.C.A, AFPT and The Academy PT school.
He has been used as a reference in several books and publications such as ELLE, MensHealth, GQ, SHAPE magazine, Esquire Vogue, Womens health.
Visit yogobe to download Matthew’s movement and body weight workouts.

Workshop description:
CASALL Foam Roller Workshop

Join Matthew in this dynamic CASALL 90min workshop where you can learn how to use foam rolling the best way to make your body feel better in life, training and sports.
Matthew will show you different foam roller techniques and training programs to help you reduce injuries, improving posture and recovery.
In this session will you receive a copy of the CASALL Foam Roll guide, as well as a CASALL Foam Roller.


Startar 2017-06-28, kl. 19:30
Slutar 2017-06-28, kl. 21:00
Instruktör Matthew Griffiths
Pris 650 kr