Natalia ErsözPersonlig Tränare, Gruppträningsinstruktör & Kursledare

My first pilates experience happened in 2015 when I came in one studio in Izmir, Turkey, as a client to try something new. I fell in love with this method and in 2016 I started my pilates career as an instructor. During these four years I’ve joined many trainings and workshops. I had a chance to meet and receive knowledge from worlds famous Pilates leaders. I completed comprehensive pilates teacher training by BASI Pilates and I am able to work with all kind of pilates equipment.

I believe that Pilates is an art!

As a sculptor, who creates sculptures and statues using different materials, pilates teacher – is a highly creative fine artist who works with the only one material which is humans body. As a sculptor, pilates teacher focus on details to create a beautiful strong and healthy form.

For me, first of all, Pilates is getting to know yourself!

I think that Pilates helps us to look at ourselves with different eyes and realise  “What a wonderful creature I am! – The body is perfect, spirit is strong,  the possibilities are endless and the potential is high!”… and my mission is to help people see that! As a teacher as a person who guides I want to help them believe in themselves, believe that everything is possible and even the sky is not a limit!


Favorit övning

Most of all I like back-extension exercises.

They make our back stronger with better endurance and posture more  beautiful. Besides they are important for the prevention of back injuries.



o Basi Pilates-The art of tactile cueing


o Basi Pilates – Body Arts and Science International Pilates Education- Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training


o Basi Pilates –Advanced Education Workshop –Powerhouse of the shoulder


o Basi Pilates – Pilates Foam Roller


o Balanced Body – Mat1 and Movement principles


o Balanced Body – Reformer 1 and movement principles


o Body Arts Pilates Studio –Anatomy for Pilates


o MK Pilates–Pilates Cadillac intensive worshop


o Seam Academy –Mat Level 1 – certificate


o Seam Academy –Reformer Level 1 – certificate


o Seam Academy – Scoliosis and Pilates workshop programme


o Seam Academy- Assessment Workshop programme


o Seam Academy- Functional Training programme


o Seam Academy- CPT Exercise Physiology programme

Certifierad Pilatestränare, Pilates Complete Education, PCE GRUND