Miray SolkiranGruppträningsinstruktör och Kursledare

I was born and raised in Turkey. I have started to exercise during my early teens because of vanity reasons. I was not happy about how I was looking. Then, a couple of years later, my back pains started and it turned out that I have a mild scoliosis. Swimming regularly was recommended by the doctor. So, this is how I started to exercise regularly. A couple of years later I have heard Pilates from a famous TV character in Turkey and Pilates came into my life. I really felt that my back pains were going away when I do Pilates regularly. Later, I discovered Pilates videos on Youtube and started to do Pilates by following tiny screen of my laptop in my tiny dorm room while I was studying Neurosciences in Germany. I have realized that how Pilates makes me both physically and mentally stronger. I also noticed during my Ph.D. years when I was back to my homeland, whenever I felt stressed out, I always have run to a Pilates session to relax myself. Those were the times that I really hooked. When I stopped doing exercises just because of vanity reasons, I found peace and happiness in Pilates. Pilates really made me physically and psychologically stronger.

In 2017 I got married and because of my husband’s job, we moved to Gothenburg in 2018. Before our trip to Sweden, I registered myself for POP Pilates Online Workshop. I completed the education and got my certificate. When I came to Gothenburg, I started to give free POP Pilates classes to be able gain more experience, meet like-minded people and have fun! In this period of time, I had a chance to meet with Linda and Jasmin and be a part of the Pilates Complete team!

People love the positive vibes in my classes which I would like to share more!


I really love to move to the beat of music while I am doing exercise.


Utbildad STOTT PILATES® Instructor Levels 1 & 2:Intensive Mat-Plus™ Essential, Intermediate, (IMP)

POP Pilates® Instructor Training Course