EventMedlemsevent Maj – Body Mind Centering with Philip

Månadens medlemsevent är en träningsteknik som ligger nära pilates, dans, garuda och yoga; Body Mind Centering. BMC är en lugn och medveten träningsform som alla kan utöva. Philip Bergmann delar på det här eventet med sig av den teknik han använde på sin tid som dansare och koreograf för att hitta rätt känsla i kroppen. Klassen undervisas på engelska.

” During my time as a choreographer I came across a technique called Body Mind Centering. This technique really draw my attention because it allowed me, and the dancers and amateurs I gave workshops to, to find a deeper understanding and awareness of our own physicality and physical expression.
This technique had been developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen over the last decade not primarely for dancers but for everybody with no restriction conserning age or physical abilities. This workshop is inspired by her work and will be applied in a practical, approachable way. It can be described as a guided tour into the inner landscapes of our bodies. Absolutely no pre-knowledge is required. In this workshop we discover together the relationship between the smallest level of activity within the body on a cellular level and its external expression of movement in space in an extremely soft and gentle way.
The aim of this technique as I apply it is the center and to connect body and mind trough the experience of guided awareness exercise to a deeper concentration and consciousness.”

This workshop will be given in english, and does NOT require any pre knowledge and can be applied to everybody. The number of participants will be limited to fifteen persons. Since for large parts of the event we will be making a contact with the floor I recommend to wear warm, soft and comfortable training clothes and thick socks. / Philip”

Information om eventet

Startar 2018-05-23, kl. 19:30
Slutar 2018-05-23, kl. 20:30


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