Gyrokinesis på schemat i oktober

I oktober har vi gästspel av Elodie Labonne på gruppträningsschemat! Tre onsdagar kl 19.30 besöker Elodie oss och ger en extrainsatt Gyrokinesisklass; 7/10, 14/10 samt 21/10.

GYROKINESIS® är en närbesläktad träningsform till yoga, garuda och pilates. Syftet med GYROKINESIS®  är att stärka, stimulera och mobilisera kroppens hela system med flytande, mjuka och cirkulära rörelsesekvenser sittande på stol samt med övningar på golvet. Elodie Labonne är tangolärare men har genom GYROKINESIS® fördjupat sig i rörelseteknik och tension release-teknik. Klasserna passar dig som gillar våra Garudaklasser och vill ha mer, eller dig som vill ha en mer flödande avlastande träning.

Klasserna hålls på engelska.

GYROKINESIS® classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability. People from all walks of life take Gyrokinesis classes, including accomplished athletes, fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, and people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability. By the end of a GYROKINESIS® session, one’s entire system is awakened and brought into greater balance. Focus on the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in a sense of calm, well-being and mental clarity.
Classes often start seated on a stool and a guided self-massage followed with floor series. A class usually ends with standing aerobic exercises.

The method promotes the principle of moving within the comfort zone, in a way that feels good and safe for the body and mind. Through the whole session, we highlight the pleasurable sensations of the movement.

As a result, the joints lubricate and warm-up gently. Meanwhile, the spinal motions help to re-pattern inefficient habits and reduce muscle imbalances safely. Progressively, the range of motions increases in a relaxed body and with a calm state of mind.

A   GYROKINESIS® class usually leaves the participants balanced, energized, in their body and mind, as well as with an unusual sense of openness in the body.

Om Elodie: Elodie started to work as a Tango Teacher in 2014. As she was searching for a method to deepen her understanding of movement technique and tension release, she came across GYROKINESIS® in 2016. In 2019 she completed her teacher certification and introduces this method, completely new to Göteborg. In her classes, she creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere and guides the participants in the joy of moving and being in the body. Läs mer om Elodie här.