Pilates chat with Evangelia Papada

Today we talk about pilates with Evie, one of our club members, who ( just like us) is crazy about pilates. Read her answers to our questions below and feel her love for our studio and the technique.


Name: Evie Papada

Age: 41

Profession: Researcher at the University

Family: Sambo


How long have you been practicing Pilates?

I have been training Pilates since 2005. During the first years, I combined matwork pilates with cardio and gym training. I later discovered the reformer machine in a Bootcamp class, a high intensity form of training and it became my main form of exercise alongside jogging for many years.

Is it something special that you really appreciate about the pilates training?

I really enjoy having the bands in my legs when I am lying down in the reformer as well as all he exercises that require me to straighten my back.

How many times a week do you train?

I train as much as I can really! I try to come to class at least four times a week. One of the best things about the Pilates Complete membership is that it gives you access to unlimited classes per week, something which I had not experienced in my pilates training in London.

What made you start Pilates?

So, I discovered Pilates in a small studio in Hackney, London. I had heard about the benefits of Pilates, particularly in relation to maintaining a healthy spine and building a healthy posture and strong core. It felt like medicine for my back. I then realised that only had my shoulder pain improved, but the muscles in body appeared leaner too.

How did you start? 

It was matwork (Basi Pilates) and then the reformer bootcamp that really got me hooked. Since I began training in Pilates Complete, nearly seven years ago, I have been mostly training in group classes. The studio offers a wide variety of group classes including with the reformer, so I feel my training needs are satisfied.

Do you practice anything more than pilates? 

I cycle but thats all my free time allows at the moment.

Why do you practice Pilates?

I train Pilates because I simply cannot imagine my life without it! It gives me energy, a lean well trained body, it allows me to push the limits of what my body can do- the latter thanks to the methodical and professional approach of the Pilates Complete teachers. In addition, it requires a lot of concentration and therefore I get to try to mind as well. I hope to continue training Pilates for as long as I can stand on my two feet. It really enhances the quality of my life.

What difference have you noticed after started practicing pilates?

I have enjoyed both the physical and mental benefits of Pilates. Let me give you a few examples: I have always had strong legs and was rather weak and small from the waist upwards. This was just how my body was built. With years of training, I began noticing a considerable difference in my upper body, both in terms of strength, but also in relation to my build. Somehow, the upper and lower part of my body grew to be more even in size, leaner and stronger. Now the second, major difference that I noticed is in relation to my balance. I have always had a TERRIBLE balance! So much so, that I would use both legs and arms to climb small hills. I have seen an enormous improvement after training Pilates. I am a lot more confident when I need to walk on uneven or frozen terrain and I even managed to put on ice skates a couple of years ago for the first time in my life!

What do you consider to be the difference between Pilates and other exercises you have practiced?

I think that Pilates is the most balanced form of training out of all the training I have done so far. It respects my body’s own needs and it gives me the results I want.

Many people like pilates in yoga, what do you think about the comparison?

I suppose there are similarities in relation to the discipline that is required from your body when taking certain poses. But I think there are also plenty of differences. Unlike yoga, Pilates is grounded on the premise that no matter how weak certain parts of your body may be, there are techniques to rehabilitate them and make them stronger. Yoga feels a lot more repetitive, focusing on certain poses than parts of the body that require strengthening or healing. I do prefer Pilates to Yoga.

Is there something you are missing in Pilates training?

Not really. Especially now that we have trainers from both Stott and Basi Schools, I believe I have it all!

What do you think is the best thing about Pilates?

What I love about Pilates is the variety of exercises and tools available which work to improve my physical health and appearance, but they also make it a super fun and enjoyable form of training. I don’t get bored of it. It can be dynamic or not, I can do it at home, I can do Pilates exercises even as I sit in my desk at work.

Do you have a goal with your pilates training?

My aim is to maintain that wonderful feeling of energy and elasticity in my body, continue working on my balance and of course, look my best!

Do you want to add something about the training or something else?

I have trained Pilates in London, Spain, my native Greece and of course in Sweden, at Pilates Complete. I can tell you with the confidence of my international experience, the following: The team Pilates Complete is an incredible set of highly skilled, highly trained and motivated individuals who are putting an enormous effort in making every single class a unique pilates experience. The Pilates Complete Studio is a feast for the eyes and a joy to the senses! It is a gorgeous environment, with huge rooms,  high ceilings and large terraces to enjoy outdoors training in the summer. Sometime I go to my class a wee earlier just to enjoy the peace and beauty of that place. Last, but not least: the ability to train as often as you like in group classes with a very reasonable monthly fee is truly something to consider. As I mentioned above, this is the first time I get to indulge in so much pilates because it is affordable.

Do you have many friends / family who also practice pilates?

Quite a few of my friends do Pilates actually! We meet at the studio (Pilates Complete) and its always the talk of the day: how amazing we felt after the end of the class, how incredibly skilled our Pilates teachers are and so on. I working on getting my sambo to join, too.

If you would recommend pilates to anyone who is hesitant. What would you say to get them started?

To someone that is thinking of training pilates but is a little sceptical I would say the following: Give yourself a chance to do something truly healing and good for you body and mind. What is more, if you live in the Gothenburg, you have the opportunity to be taught by an A class team of trainers who will understand what you and your body needs.


Thank you for sharing your love for Pilates & Pilates Complete with us Evie!