Alexandra talks about her passion for pilates!

Today we have our club member Alexandra Bosiou as our guest in our blog. She talks about why she started pilates one year ago and how impressed she is with the results from her training.

For how long have you been training pilates?
I started training in August 2019 in Pilates Complete. I had trained before in other gyms but only matwork.

What made you start Pilates?
I had a lot of pain in my upper back, shoulders and neck because I have an office job. I used to run before and realized also that I started to have pain in my hip. So, I wanted to start some sort of exercise which would be good for my back and mild on my joints.

How did you get started? Course? Classes? PT?
I got a membership and started training in the group courses

Why do you practice pilates?
I train pilates because it keeps my body strong, balanced, energized and overall healthy. I feel much better physically when I train but most importantly, I feel grounded and happy to be in contact with my body. Also, it is helping me a lot with managing my stress. When I train it is a bit like practicing mindfulness.

How many times a week do you exercise?
I train pilates between 3 and 5 times per week.

Do you have any goals with your pilates training?
My goal is to feel healthy and strong.

Do you practice anything else  except pilates? 
I bike every day, swim in the ocean in the summer and hike as often as I can.

What’s the best thing about pilates?
That it has a holistic approach. It is not about your looks or building bulk muscle or loosing fat. It is about being healthy. And it is for all bodies, shapes and ages. I always feel very comfortable and accepted at pilates complete.

Is there something you miss in the pilatestraining?
I really liked the garuda reformer from last semester. It would be nice to have it again

What difference have you noticed after that you started training pilates?
The most impressive difference has been in relation to any bone, joint and muscle pains I used to get before. I almost never get it anymore. It is like my body is now a well-oiled machine. Mentally, it has helped me be patient and persistent. In order to improve my pilates practice I had to take time and be consistent. You do not manage to do a “teaser” in a month’s training. But as long as you practice you improve and this is so rewarding. Especially when there is chaos in work, I always know I can go to pilates and achieve a tiny little concrete progress for the day.

What do you think is the difference between pilates and other training you have tried?
The main difference is the variety. There are some basic principles and some basic exercises and moves but almost every workout is different. The teachers always make sure to spice things up and push us to improve. Therefore, I never get bored. And I never feel that I am on a plateau in my training. Every time I go to a class I learn something new.

Many people think that pilates is similar to yoga, what do you think?
I think there are some similarities but there also differences. I have practiced yoga for many years and I like it. But with pilates I find more variation and also I enjoy the control that it requires to follow the five ground principles. Positioning my body helps me feel safer that I will not have an injury. Sometimes though I like to take a yoga pass because the stretching is deeper. I also love garuda. It is a perfect match between yoga and pilates.

Would you like to add something?
I really appreciate the pedagogical approach of the instructors. As a teacher myself at the university I can see how much effort and thought is put in each class. Moreover the instructors always ask us how we feel before the class, monitor how we are doing during the class and are available to discuss any issues or difficulty with an exercise or pain afterwards. This builds a relationship of trust between the trainer and the trainee which is very rare to find.

Do you have many friends / family who also practice pilates?
One of my best friends introduced me to pilates. Now we often train together. Then more friends joined and some colleagues also. And of course, I made friends while training at pilates complete. The studio has a great community feeling.

If you would recommend pilates to someone. What would you say to get them started?
That pilates is the best and safest form of training I have ever tried. And it is so much fun. And it really transforms the way your body functions.

Thank you Alexandra!