Studio to street sweet! Sista dagarna med Alo yoga i shopen

Nu är det bara några få dagar kvar att shoppa träningskläder från fantastiska och exklusiva Alo yoga  på studion. Passa på att handla just ditt unika plagg från Alo Yoga som passar så väl på mattan som till vardags.
Studio to street sweet!
Alo began in Los Angeles in 2007 because the founders wanted to spread good by bringing yoga to the world. They are relentless about making the best yoga clothing in the world explicitly to inspire yogis (and yogis to be) to have more yoga in their life. Inspiring mindful movement is at the core of why they do what they do at Alo. Because mindful movement leads to better living. This is the real meaning of studio-to-street: Taking the consciousness from practice on the mat and putting it into the practice of life.