Pilates and Garuda in Bordeaux

Vi fortsätter att presentera några av våra pilates- och garudakollegor världen över. Idag får du träffa Agustina en dedikerad pilates- och garudatränare med en egen studio i Frankrike.

Hello, my name is Agustina Luini di Vita. Im running a pilates and garudastudio in Bordeaux, called Studio Di Vita.
I have worked with Pilates 11 years and Garuda 3 years. I teach a style of pilates called Balanced Body. In my studio we have groupclasses for max 5 people on matwork and 2 on apparatus or individual. Both men and women come to us for training, age between 30 and 70 year old

Pilates is popular in France. In Bordeaux where I live the Pilates start to be famous now. And so Garuda will be came in the next 4 years I hope. But my clients are so happy for this new method, they love Garuda! In Madrid and Buenos Aires where I lived before it easier to develop Garuda, the people need the new method. I beleive Pilates is the base but the classical pilates sometimes feels old… Garuda is complimentary and allows the clients to move in different ways and new movement patterns than pilates.

I beleive that Garuda is the future but it is not easy for the people to change their mind and understand that the body also need movement, flow and rhythm above stability and strenghth… and Garuda gives that. Im convinced that the only thing needed is time… With time everything will come…. I hope! I also work a lot with the method ” Bernadette Gasquet that is also very interesting.