Pilates & Garuda i Hong Kong

Vi fortsätter att presentera kära pilates- och garudakollegor världen över. Idag får ni träffa Bonita som jobbar med både Pilates och Garuda i Hong Kong.

Hi, My namne is Bonita Kong from Hong Kong. I started teaching Pilates in 2014 and Garuda in 2016, today I teach the kind that suits the client! Be it Pilates / Garuda. Currently I am working in two different studios; Flex and In-Motion in Hong Kong. I teach group classes and private sessions. Both studios that I work in provide Pilates certification courses.

In Hong Kong all gender do pilates, from age 20 – 70! Pre/postnatal, clients who are desk-bound, clients who wants to be ‘fit & tone’ and to increase their sports performance, and those who just want to move! Right now Polestar and STOTT PILATES is very popular in Hong Kong. While other training for instance Barre and Personal Training certifications remain very popular. Im sure there will be an increasing popularity in Pilates and Garuda as people are seeking to understand how to move and to improve their posture. I hope and believe that more and more people in Hong Kong will be more open-minded in the form of exercises that they participate in and that they will be conscious in the way they move in the future.

The thing I like most with teaching pilates/Garuda is the interacting with the clients. I love interacting, listening to my clients and love to know they feel better after the session /class. Giving them the attention and assistance while they’re giving me their trust to work with them.

Instagram: @bfitastique