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Vi på Pilates Complete delar glädjen och passionen att förmedla träning som pilates, garuda, yoga och barre med många andra fantastiska och dedikerade instruktörer, lärare och personliga tränare runt om i världen. På utbildningar och workshops brukar vi dela våra tankar om hur vi kan förbättra tekniken, bli ännu skarpare inom våra respektive områden samt tipsa varandra om nya övningar och tillvägagångssätt för att nå en ännu bättre kvalitativ undervisning och coachning.

Vi vill dela med oss av hur våra kollegor i andra delar av världen ser på träning och varför de har valt att arbeta med träning och hälsa. Att få ta del av andra instruktörers entusiasm och passion är en ynnest för oss och är otroligt inspirerade. Vi hoppas att du också blir inspirerad! Först ut är fantastiska Aimee från Nya Zealand!

“Hi my name is Aimee Challies. I’m a New Zealander and a freelance Garuda and Pilates Teacher. Apart from teaching in my own beautiful country, spreading the Garuda method as a Master Trainer, I also teach and train internationally and meet many wonderful teachers and studios along the way.

At a very young age, Pilates was a part of my conditioning regime, as an aspiring Ballet dancer. My early training was with Polestar International and I have taught Pilates for over 10 years. From Matwork to Reformer classes and everything inbetween! I came across Garuda whilst I was living in London six years ago and I feel very passionate about the method, both as a teacher and within my own body.

In the past six years I have taught mostly private Garuda classes, on the Garuda Apparatus. Whilst I love the energy of a collective group, taking people on a journey through the class together, I also love the intimacy of working with people independently. The work can then have a greater meaning, acknowledging the individual, therefore guiding them through a class that serves a purpose for where it is placed in their life, on that particular day. As a teacher, my wish is for them to have a good experience, feel better within themselves and to faciliate intelligent movement. I’m lucky to work with people of all ages and dispositions, particularly in NZ where we have a great healthcare system, therefore everyone has access to rehabilitation/fitness. Granting them responsibility and tools to look after their bodies.

I have observed a recent trend – certainly in the Southern Hemisphere – where people are welcoming Pilates, Garuda and Yoga. People want to dedicate more time to looking after their mental health through movement and are open to exploring the subtle components of mind/body work – it’s moving into the mainstream. Of course people still want to look good in their activewear (that is human nature!), but people are becoming inquisitive and want to embrace something new and beneficial to their wellbeing.

My favourite thing about being a teacher is – without any doubt – the people. It’s a privilege to teach and a wonderful exchange of energy. Whether they are a client, fellow teacher, or mentor – they all inspire me to learn and stay humble and cultivate a true passion for my love of movement.”

– Aimee Challies, Garuda & Pilates Practitioner, NZ

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