Release the beast – workshop med Elaine Rydberg 28 mars

Are you hosting gremlins in your shoulders? Do you have mean trolls for upper traps and lots of gunk and garbage gathered around your hips, knees and ancles? Do your practice honestly give you more freedom to move, invert and play, or do you wonder if you are you missing out on progress and life quality because you are lacking mobility and hosting to much tension in your body?

This is a workshop for you to tap into your higher potential by releasing a lot of junk and tension around your main joints. By building mobility, integrated strength and flexibility movements your machinery will increase its capacity to move more freely, progress and recover as well as how to address problem areas.This one day intensive course will offer you great techniques to open your body and get ready for more quality training and serious play time.

Mobility – integrated strength, balance and flexibility work

Twisting and Rolling – joint releasing techniques

Inversion Play – how to approach and progress inverted positions like handbalancing

Myofascial release – for flexibility, release and recovery

Elaine is a mover with backround as a Dancer and Yogi. She spends most of her hours on the floor training, teaching and exploring movements. Her specialties are integrated mobility drills and handbalancing. She runs her company elaineplay, working full time teaching classes, workshops and as a Personal Trainer.

Datum: Lördag 28 mars 2015
Längd: kl. 12.00-19.00
Instruktör: Elaine Rydberg
Pris: 1500 kr



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