Pilates in english – workshops at Pilates Complete Gothenburg

Pilates Complete is a unique training studio in Gothenburg. It is one of a kind, offering a variety of Pilates classes with both machines and props. Here you will meet likeminded people, gain inspiration and joie de vivre, and recharge your energy.

Broaden your knowledge and gain fresh inspiration by attending our workshops. Pilates Complete offers workshops in English. They are open for everyone and you can participate without being a Pilates Complete-member.

Pilates Complete

Workshop A Deep Dive into Pilates with Brett Miller

Sunday October 26 11:00 – 12:30 Flexibility, Strength and Control
Pilates can be summed up in three words, flexibility, strength and control.  Of these, control is the most important because it is this aspect that truly engages the intellect.  In this workshop, Brett will take well known exercises and look at each one of them with these three aspects in mind.  You will also be given the chance to apply what is learned in the ‘easier’ exercises to learn the set up for more advanced exercises.  You will realize in this workshop that with the right set-up, you are actually capable of doing more than you think.

 12:45 – 13:45 Mat class
Here we apply what was learned in the first session to a Pilates class.  Brett’s classes are flowing, challenging and invigorating. He encourages each class member to always look for a deeper meaning in each exercises while also developing a stronger technique.  Brett provides valuable direction and cueing, reinforcing it with skilled tactile feedback.  Student’s often leave Brett’s class inspired and eager to learn more.

14:15 – 16:00 Applying Pilates to Everyday Life
You have been taking Pilates for a while and you now have a stronger core and life has improved – that is great.  And now we go further! Your quality of life can be significantly improved by consciously applying Pilates skills in everyday life.  We will enquire into ‘non-Pilates’ movements such as walking, crawling, sitting, squatting, lying, standing and others.  We will break these activities down methodically, decreasing excess tension and strain by applying the principles of Pilates.  This workshop will give you some tools and wisdom for movement in your life to flow out of a strong centre, giving way to more freedom and well-being.

Date: Sunday October 26, 11 – 16
Location: Pilates Complete Kastellgatan 1
Cost:  600 kronor

Pilates in English ( Matwork)

The ideal workshop if you want to find out more about the Pilates technique, and gain a better body control, placing and technique. Here you learn STOTT PILATES with your own body as a training tool, and get to try Pilates with smaller props like the flex band and the fitness circle.

Date:  Saturday and Sunday november 8-9
Length: 2 workshops classes, each 120 min, 16:00-18:00
Instructor: Khristine Achacoso
Price: 1200 kr

Advanced STOTT PILATES Matwork-workshop

Date: Saturday November 22
Instructor: Tove Gustafsson
600 kr/workshop

Advanced STOTT PILATES Reformer-workshop

Date: Sunday November 23
Instructor: Tove Gustafsson
600 kr/workshop

Booking rules

Book your course or workshop on 031-789 02 22 or info@pilatescomplete.se. Please state your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. You will get an e-mail confirming your reservation. Invoice will be sent by e-mail. Note: The booking is binding for all courses and workshops and repayment will only be made on presentation of a doctor’s certificate.



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