Artikel om Pilates Complete i senaste numret av Pilatesintel!

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Issue #55 – Wednesday, June 6, 2014


Pilates Complete – revisited


Some of you may remember the dynamic duo of Pilates Complete, introduced here over 1 year ago when Pilates Intel had 149 subscribers.  Since then, Linda, Jasmine and I have come a long way in our respective endeavors.   These ladies are fun and successful, their attitude and innovation makes their small studio a real force in the Swedish Pilates community, and they are to be learned from. I attribute their success to the following:

1.    They are smart in that they seek partnerships with other expansive persons, first of all just to have fun.  But secondly knowing that when people work for each other’s success, more success comes about for all.  (Something I myself am fully dedicated to.)

2.    Their engagement with the community through their own newsletter and social media is skilled and sincere, generating enthusiasm and even love for what they are doing.

3.    They innovatively use their limited resources maximally, (examples below).

4.    They have begun their own on-line training services in cooperation with the Swedish site, Love it or hate it, on line services are coming….and they were quick to adapt.


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