Only two places left !!! Summercourses in Garuda & Pilates 30/6 – 11/7


Now we offer two weeks of intensive training courses in Garuda and Pilates! These courses will take you on an expedition through your body and challenge you to find new motion paths to get a stronger, leaner and more well-balanced body. If the sun is shining we will be training outdoors on our private terrace!


Garuda summer course

Are you up for some intensive Garuda training this summer? Garuda is a mix of yoga, Pilates and dance and improves your strength and flexibility while instilling a feeling of lightness and well-being. The course includes varying exercises and each class has its own theme. Foundation exercises on the mat, sitting series on a chair, flowing standing sequences and balancing combinations on the foam roller.

Day 1 Garuda Foundation Fundamental exercises on the mat with your own body as exercise tool. A series of movements with soft openings that rejuvenates and lets the body expand and centre.

Day 2 Garuda Dhara A class performed sitting on a chair, with simplified exercises from the Garuda standing and sitting sequences. Find relaxation in the motion and increase your flexibility.

Day 3 Garuda Seated/Standing Immersive class with sequences standing, sitting and lying down. Focus is on coordination, suppleness and powerful openings.

Day 4 Garuda Chakra Training with the foam roller. A functional class focusing on balance, body control and strength. The exercises are combined with stretching and massage of the body fascia.

Dates: Week 27, 30/6–3/7 Monday – Thursday evenings at 19.30
Length: 4 classes, 90 mins. each.
Instructor: Linda Erlandsson
Price: 1 500 SEK

Pilates summer course

Take a concentrated Pilates course this summer! Pilates provides an unsurpassed body awareness and placing as well as a better posture and a stronger body. This course offers all-round training with fun themes and new props each class. Let yourself get inspired by Team Pilates Complete!

Day 1 Technique An introduction to Pilates with fundamental exercises on the mat. Learn how small adjustments can make a big difference for your body. A first step to reach better body control, placing and technique.

Day 2 Strength An invigorating class, focusing on toning and strengthening your muscles. As tools, we use the toning balls and the fitness circle to form the body effectively and increase your stamina.

Day 3 Balance Challenge yourself to go off balance! Train your deep stabilizing muscles and strengthen the corset with challenging balance exercises on the Pilates ball and the wobblies. A class that makes you centered!

Day 4 Mobility Stretch the stiffness out of your body with help of a flex band and a towel in rewarding Pilates exercises. Roll-ups, rotations and side bends increase your flexibility and suppleness. Breathe …

Day 5 Coordination We combine all the themes of the week during a strengthening and coordinated class with full body control and precision. In a playful manner you will be performing advanced exercises with your strong and lithe Pilates body!

Dates: Week 28, 7/7–11/7 Monday – Thursday evenings at 19.30
Length: 5 classes, 75 mins. each.
Instructors:  Khristine Achacoso, Jailton Carneiro, Linda Erlandsson, Tove Gustafsson
Price: 1 500 SEK


Booking rules

Book your course or workshop on 031-789 02 22 or Please state your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. You will get an e-mail confirming your reservation. Invoice will be sent by e-mail. Note: The booking is binding for all courses and workshops and repayment will only be made on presentation of a doctor’s certificate.