Garuda Inspiration Day with James D´Silva Sunday 23th March 2014 in Gothenburg

Following last year’s success, Pilates Complete and Space Mango are happy to once again present Garuda Inspiration Day with James D´Silva!

Sunday 23th March 2014 we invite you to join our Garuda workshops. Garuda is a new training approach focusing on variation, flexibility and precision in every movement, through a mix of yoga, tai chi, Pilates and dance.

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The creator of the Garuda Method, James D´Silva, has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer all over the US and Europe. Through his entire career Pilates have been an integral part of his daily training, but over the years he has adopted yoga, Gyrotronic, Feldenkreis and Alexander technique, in order to create his own unique, holistic style of exercise, Garuda.

Garuda’s results are striking! Increased strength, flexibility, co‑ordination and endurance combined with a sense of ease and well-being. Garuda provides cardio-vascular training while drawing on mental focus and finding relaxation within the movement. The result is a stronger, leaner body with improved posture and true ease of mind.

Sunday 23th March 2014, 09:30-16:30

Garuda Dhara 09:30-10:45 A seated workout on a chair that gives us a feeling of centeredness and allows us to keep a sense of movement from the inside and out. Garuda Dhara simplifies the Seated and Standing Garuda Matwork and provides that flow which interlinks us to everything around and within us.

Garuda Chakra 11:00-12:15 Garuda with foam roller. A functional training class focusing on balance, body control and strength. The exercises are combined with stretching and massage of the body fascia.

 Lunch 12:15-13:45

Garuda Matwork 1, 13:45-15:00 Exercises on the mat using your own body as a tool. A series of movements that rejuvenates, strengthens, and lets the body expand and center.

Garuda Matwork 2, 15:15-16:30 Immersive class with standing, sitting and lying sequences. Co-ordination, suppleness and soft openings for those who want to be inspired by this creative training method.

Where? Clarion Hotel Post, Drottningtorget, Gothenburg

Price:  2.250 SEK incl. VAT

The price includes a full day Garuda workshop with James D´Silva and lunch. NEW FEATURE! The price also includes a Garuda Chakra® foam roller specially designed by James D´Silva (worth 850 SEK).

Note: Bring your own yoga mat. Limited shower and changing facilities.

To register:

Mail your contact information (name, invoice details, address, phone number, e-mail address). The registration is binding. After the registration you will receive an invoice, and the payment of the fee confirms your registration. The fee will be reimbursed on presentation of a doctor’s certificate.

Get inspired by one of the world’s most exciting and innovative teacher. A full day with James D’Silva will certainly engage and challenge your body!

Garuda – the intelligent way to exercise.

Where to stay? We recommend Clarion Hotel Post, Drottningtorget, Gothenburg.
Price: Single room/night:  1.175 SEK  Double room/night: 1.275 SEK.

Hotel reservation: or +46 31 61 90 00 (choice = paketbokning). Reservation code: PGARUDA