Pilates & Tango i en unik workshop 6-7 april

Pilates & Tango i en unik workshop!

This April, Pilates Complete and Itscoldupnorthdancetango collaborate to help you apply some of the basic principles of Pilates to Argentine Tango! Combine the core stability of Pilates with the beauty and fluid movement of Tango in a beautiful old factory building in the center of Göteborg.

The April weekend for absolute BEGINNERS consists of two workshops related to each other to give you a head start into dancing Argentine tango. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to attend a single seminar. For more information about the project, see http://www.facebook.com/Itscoldupnorthdancetango.

Seminar 1, April 6: 14:00 – 17:15 pm
Embracing and Walking

Seminar 2, April 7: 14:00 – 17:15 pm
Basic tools to navigate the social dance floor.

Other important information:
– Smell gorgeous.
– Mail your registrations to info@pilatescomplete.se stating your name, partner’s name (optional), and telephone number.
– Both of the seminars above are related to each other, and cost 1000 SEK.
– Registrations with a partner preferred, but not required.
– Wear loose comfortable clothing and smooth soled shoes that slide easily on a wooden floor.