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Lennart Grebelius

Lennart Grebelius creates art, by presenting controversial and philosophical representation of life. Grebelius has attracted a growing interest in his work through combining his passion for art, philosophy and science. Primarily focusing on creating books, Grebelius reflects on the wonder of existence. Art, like philosophy, reflects on reality in its relation to man, and this is a common theme throughout Lennart´s work.

Lennart Grebelius books and further work can be found on his website.  www.grebelius.net



  • 1992  Natural History Museum, Gothenburg, Fifteen Billion Years


  • 1994 Riksutställningar/ National Exhibitions, Twenty Billion Years


  • 2003 The Phatory, New York, Final Meal


  • 2007 Borås Art Museum. Twenty Billion Years and Other works


  • 2008 Umedalen Skuptur / Sandström Andersson 20 Billion Years installation.


  • 2009 The Phatory New York, Who am I?


  • 2010 Strömstad, Lokstallet, Final Meal and other works