Explore fascia workshop hos Pilates Complete i höst

24-25 november kommer Bodytech till oss och håller en otroligt spännande workshop om kroppens förmåga att förändras genom träning och behandling för fascia/bindväv.

Explore Fascia is a two-day course. The course is based on theoretical background, what we know about fascia today and what discoveries have been made during recent years. The course enables to learn from theory to practice and exercise – how to enhance one’s work by using practices focused on fascia.

Explore Fascia – course gives an overview of the “hottest” topic of today – fascia.

  • What is fascia really? Is it something new or old?
  • What is the meaning of fascia from anatomy’s point of view?
  • Why is fascia right now so interesting?

The theory part of the course focuses largely on scientific research and theory. Schleip, Langevin, Stecco and Guimberteau are pioneers in this field, whose visions are presented during this course.

In the practice part we go through various fascia treatments, we try out how using various tools a customer can treat himself / herself at home and also how various motion therapies could have an impact on fascia and through it to overall wellbeing.

Our objective is to give therapist’s new ideas and possibilities to find new approaches and perspectives in their work. The scope of Explore Fascia is study is so great that during this two-day course we only have time to test and get acquainted with various working methods and the functionality of theories, and practice how they work out. This course is hopefully a stepping-stone for the participants to take part in advanced special studies at a later date.

Explore Fascia –course contains i.a. these themes:


  • General info about fascia
  • Guimbertau
  • Schleip
  • Langevin
  • Stecco
  • Myers
  • Findley
  • Newest information: Third International Fascia Research Congress 28.-30.3.2012

Various fascia treatment methods:

  • Fascia Release
  • Deep Tissue
  • Active Release Therapy

Movement therapies:

  • Foamrolling
  • Triggerpoint-terapia
  • Fascial Fitness
  • Myofascial Self Release

The language used in this course is the native language, the terminology is mostly English.

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