Missa inte workshopen med Camilla Bergstrom lördag den 26 maj

Workshop med Camilla Bergstrom

Vi bjuder in till en 3h lång specialworkshop med Camilla Bergstrom!

I intim miljö och liten grupp har du möjlighet att få personlig korrigering, diskutera & träna med en av världens främsta yogalärare som till vardags tränar kändisar i Los Angeles. Camilla möter dig precis där du är, oavsett om du är nybörjare eller avancerad yogi och hjälper dig att komma vidare i din praktisering och svarar på dina frågor.

Tema: Backbends

Dag: Lördagen den 26 maj

Tid: kl. 10.00 -13.00

Plats: Pilates Complete , Kastellgatan 1, Göteborg

Pris: 950 kr OBS! Begränsat antal platser!

Anmälan: info@pilatescomplete.se

Anmälan är bindande, sista anmälningsdag är 21 maj.

Om Camilla:

Camilla Bergstrom is a Yoga Teacher and Motivation Coach based in Hollywood, California the heart of Los Angeles. Originally from Sweden, she moved to the West
Coast in 1994 and is known for her disciplined yet playful approach to Yoga practice.

Camilla’s professional training includes more than 1000 of hours of instruction within the disciplines of yoga, therapy, philosophy, nutrition, anatomy and NLP neuro-linguistic programming. Most recently she has been studying the Big Mind Process with Zen master Genpo Merzel Roshi. She studied closely with John Friend the founder of Anusara Yoga as well as other teachers within different styles such as Kundalini and Ashtanga.

Camilla’s inspirational teaching style incorporates Yoga’s physical and spiritual aspects and draws on her own life experiences, as well as her background in dance, martial arts, fitness and nutrition. Having immersed herself in Hinduism and Buddhism, Camilla intuitively fuses eastern and western thought in the practice that is suited to everyday lives of the students. Camilla’s classes integrate Hatha/Vinyasa flow with focus on Anusara alignment and strong attention from the core, as well as meditation, breathing and a clear intention.

“Have you ever thought about what you’re full potential is physically as well as mentally?
It all begins with our thoughts, the way we view our bodies, the world, and ourselves.

We hold our entire life story within our bodies. During our busy lives, many of us find it difficult to self-regulate. We spend most of the time feeling overworked and overwhelmed, given that we live in a culture full of striving, we find even in Yoga we try to hard and push to much, and forget to have fun and play.

In this back bend focus workshop you will learn how to align mind with body and move into the backbends with freedom, ease and excitement.

Bringing the body the opposite direction gravity naturally pulls is exhilarating, empowering and healing for the back, it cracks our hearts open, brakes trough layers of resistance that ultimately leads to opportunities to live a more purpose filled life.”

/ Camilla