Veckans instruktör: Jailton Carneiro

Varje måndag presenterar vi en av Pilates Completes duktiga instruktörer, idag är det Jailtons Carneiros tur! Vill du träna för Jailton ska du komma på bollklassen kl. 18.15 på fredagar.

“I have being using my body as a working tool since 1990, when I joined my first Circus School in Salvador, Brazil. After four years I was asked to instruct some circus techniques, in that occasion I discovered my passion for teaching. I have through the years been training and teaching flying-trapeze tight wire, juggling, cloud-swing, acrobatics, clown-art, unicycle and my specialty which are the aerials skills as trapeze, rope and silk.

In 2002 I was selected to perform in one of the Cirque du Soleil productions called “Quidam” and I reached the highest level that a circus performer can accomplish. This experience gave me the opportunity to travel to more than thirty countries and performing in more than fifty cities around the world. Cirque du Soleil also provided me many different courses, as ballet, yoga, theatre and Pilates. Those techniques helped me to become more complete as an artist. But, it was in Pilates that I discovered an efficient technique to help me maintaining my physical health even while performing ten shows per week during nine years with the Cirque du Soleil.

In 2006, Cirque du Soleil offered to the artists who were interested to do a Pilates course, to come to be one of their circus’s Pilates Instructor on tour. Of course, after being doing Pilates for three years and knowing the benefits acquired from the technique, I decided to take the course and specialized on the Ball work. This special and amusing form of Pilates provides ample possibilities to create new variations and to mix a little bit of acrobatic movements to the traditional technique. / Jailton”